Out of the Blue

The Stupid Stuff

Episode 206 – Semaphore

Michael Keelan has a chance encounter with a furry friend…

Episode 194 – SA is Great

It’s called the silly season for a reason!

Episode 193 – Marciana Pianosa, Italy

La Dolce Vita includes food, fun, and plenty of laughter!

Episode 192 – Porto Azzurro, Italy

The two Michaels are still enjoying their time in Italy…a little too much!

Episode 191 – Portoferraio, Italy

The two Michaels were living La Dolce Vita in Portoferraio, and they got up to a bit of mischief!

Episode 190 – Fremantle, WA

A bit of fun in the WA sun proved distracting for Mr Keelan!

Episode 189 – Brookland Valley, WA

Take a look at what mischief Michael K got up to in WA!

Episode 188 – Tasmania, Part 2

The two Michaels are still kicking up their heels in Tasmania!

Episode 187 – Tasmania, Part 1

The boys had a lot of fun in Tasmania – sometimes too much fun!

Episode 186 – Riverland

Practice makes perfect! Check out these hilarious bloopers from our time at Banrock Station.

Episode 185 – Clare

The beauty of the Clare Valley was sometimes distracting for the boys!

Episode 184 – Barossa Valley

The two Michaels love having some fun on set – and our shoot in the Barossa was no exception!

Episode 183 – McLaren Vale

Even seasoned veterans like the Two Michaels can stuff up their lines! Check out these hilarious bloopers from our McLaren Vale episode.