Grilled Coorong Mullet


4 whole, fresh Coorong Mullet, scored
2 celery sticks, sliced
2 tomatoes, diced
1 red capsicum, diced
2 spring onions, sliced
1 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp lemon juice


To begin, heat your barbeque for about 20 minutes until it’s at a medium-high heat.

Mix the tomatoes, capsicum, celery and spring onions together. Take each fish and fill with the vegetable mixture. Beat the olive oil and lemon juice together until they thicken. Brush fish with the mixture, and place on the barbeque grill.

Cook fish for approximately ten minutes (or until cooked through), turning halfway and brushing with more of the lemon and olive oil mixture.

Serve immediately with fresh lemon wedges.

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