Out of the Blue

Let’s Cook!

Episode 229 History of Fishing

On this week’s episode of Out of the Blue the two Michael’s look at the then and now of South Australia’s fishing industry.

They head south to Victor to fish with Pirate Sea Charters and west to Streaky Bay to meet a solo professional fisherman.   They meet a family who process SA’s fish, knock up some dolmades and Adam adds spicy Kingfish to his favourite pasta dish. They also visit Fair Fish, a company set up to support local fishers at Port Adelaide.

Episode 228 Cowell

On this episode of Out of the Blue the two Michael’s jump back on the Searoad Ferry to Cowell to meet the Camel man and admire his portrait painted on the local grain silo.

They do a bit of jetty fishing with a local, visit the Cleanseas hatchery, Michael takes a King fish to make Cerviche and the local publican whips up his famous chilli crab recipe.

Episode 227 Lalala

The two Michaels visit Italy right here in Adelaide. Chef Marco from Lalala Osteria talks to the Michaels about growing up in an Italian family in Adelaide in the 60’s and how his mother’s cooking influenced him.

Michael travels up the freeway to Stirling to visit Anglar and brings Marco some fresh snook to cook in a traditional Italian recipe.

In a final flourish Marco demonstrates how to make the best, most delicious tiramisu.

Episode 226 Port Lincoln

On this episode of Out of the Blue the two Michael’s jump on the Searoad Ferry to Port Lincoln to visit a maritime museum, check out some local mussels and go looking for lobsters.

They join chefs Kris to cook up a feed of mussels and Adam for a plate of delicious pasta.

Episode 225 Cape Jervis

On this episode of Out of the Blue the two Michael’s are on the Fleurieu Peninsula in the beam of a lighthouse, on the water fishing with a pro and under a Moreton Bay Fig tree chatting with a local in Normanville.

They also cook up a feed of Thai cakes with chilli jam and pasta with Adam.

Episode 224 Tumby Bay

On this episode of Out of the Blue the two Michael’s are back on the ferry to Tumby Bay on the west coast.

We check out how Sardines are becoming incredibly popular on people’s dinner plates, steal the secrets of making a delicious seafood pie, go fishing with a local character, Tumby Tom and cook up some tasty recipes.

Episode 223 Fleurieu Peninsula

The two Michaels have headed south to the Fleurieu Peninsula to meet a group of school students who fish during class time with their School


They snorkel with the Leafy Sea Dragons and BBQ Australian Salmon and Michael cooks prawns with Adam.


Episode 222 Arno Bay

The two Michaels hop on the Searoad Ferry across Spencer Gulf to Arno Bay.

‘Fuzzy’ takes them fishing for snook which they catch and cook and Michael gets a tour of Arno Bay’s Mangrove Park.

Episode 219 Goolwa

The Michaels’ seek out a ‘saltie’ in Goolwa for advice on bait and tackle to catch mulloway then jump in the ‘Blue’ ute and head for the Murray mouth for some beach fishing.hey cook up the catch on the sand, Adam produces a delicious pasta dish and they eat mulloway cooked three ways at Goolwa’s famous Kuti Shack.

Episode 218 Seppeltsfield

Join the two Michaels as they enjoy a day in the Barossa at Seppeltsfield.

They explore Seppeltsfield’s history, chat with its owner Warren Randall, of course sample some wine, make a curry and enjoy a fight of coffees at Octeine Café.

Episode 217 West Beach

It’s all local with Out of the Blue, fishing 20 minutes from Adelaide at West Beach for Ocean Jackets, cooking up a Thai style recipe and sampling Oceanique’s special fish and chips.

Episode 215 Point Turton

The two Michaels are back out on the water at Point Turton on Yorke Peninsula. Fishing with Kevin Sweeney from Reelscreamers fishing charters the Michaels enjoy a healthy competition for catching the most fish. Michael gives Michael a lesson in filleting a leather jacket and joys of grilling their fresh catch on a beach BBQ.

Episode 216 – Marion Bay

The two Michael’s have a ‘Reef Encounter’ and go crazy with a good catch of ‘Nannygai’ which Michael fillets and cooks and serves with a delightful fresh paw paw salad.

Episode 212 – San Remo Fettuccine with Seafood

Episode 211 – Seppeltsfield

This week, Out Of The Blue is visiting a South Australian institution – the award-winning Seppeltsfield Winery in the beautiful Barossa Valley.

Michael Angelakis and Michael Keelan learn more about Seppeltsfield’s brand new Village Discovery Tour, visit the historic gravity cellar and enjoy cooking with chef, Sam Smith, who shares the secret to perfectly crispy duck breast.

Episode 211 – Spicy Fresh Sardines with San Remo Bowties

Episode 210 – Hindmarsh Island

The two Michaels are travelling south, to the Murray River Mouth, to visit Hindmarsh Island.

Michael Keelan and Michael Angelakis takes us on a kayak tour around the island, visit the Coorong Café for delicious fish and chips, and cook with the area’s famous Coorong mullet.

Episode 210 – Pasta Spirals in a Creamy Mushroom Sauce with Smoked Coorong Mullet

Episode 210 – Grilled Coorong Mullet

Episode 209 – Coffin Bay

The final stop on their tour of the Eyre Peninsula, the Michaels are in Coffin Bay, and ready to learn about all things oysters in South Australia’s seafood frontier.

Michael Keelan enjoys the Bay’s Oyster Walk, taking him along the beautiful coastline, while Michael Angelakis visits 1802 Oyster Bar to sample a range of unique dishes using the area’s fresh, local seafood.

Episode 209 – Crab with San Remo Linguine

Episode 208 – Baird Bay

Back where it all started for Out Of The Blue…

The two Michaels continue their journey along the Eyre Peninsula. This week, in Baird Bay, Michael Angelakis is harvesting fresh vongole and octopus off the coast for two special recipes, packed with South Australian produce. Meanwhile, Michael Keelan spends some quality time with the Bay’s friendly sealions.

Episode 208 – Berrima Octopus with Asian Spices

Episode 208 – San Remo Spaghetti con Vongole

Episode 207 – Streaky Bay

The two Michaels are revisiting their favourite spots across South Australia. This week, it’s beautiful Streaky Bay.

Hunting and gathering fresh local seafood, Michael Angelakis showcases the area’s famous greenlip abalone with a delicious, Asian-inspired recipe, while Michael Keelan travels out to sea with experienced fishermen to find some King George Whiting.

Episode 207 – Flaky Fish with San Remo Rigatoni

Episode 207 – Greenlip Abalone with Asian Mushrooms

Episode 206 – Semaphore

Back in Adelaide, the Michaels are in sunny, seaside Semaphore; cooking on the beach and exploring local highlights.

Michael Keelan visits the Semaphore Carousel, which is celebrating its 80th year delighting locals. Meanwhile, Michael Angelakis is cooking on the beach, dishing up delicious swordfish souvlaki and garlic prawn linguine.

Episode 206 – Garlic Prawn Linguine

Episode 206 – Swordfish Souvlaki

Episode 205 – Port Elliot

Back in South Australia, the Michaels have travelled to beautiful Port Elliot on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

While Michael Angelakis cooks with locally caught silver whiting, dishing up a deliciously simple pasta dinner and a rich fish stew, Michael Keelan uncovers the town’s history and meets a couple who have single-handedly rescued a portion of seaside vegetation.

Episode 205 – Fish, Chilli, Olive and White Wine Pasta

Episode 205 – Mediterranean Fish Fillet

Episode 204 – Pisa

In the second part of the the Michaels’ journey to Italy, it’s time to explore the ancient town of Pisa.

Michael Keelan learns about the city’s history from a local, getting to the bottom of how the Leaning Tower of Pisa got its iconic silhouette. Meanwhile, Michael Angelakis uses delicious pine nuts from the area to create two tasty dishes the whole family will enjoy.

Episode 204 – The Seven P Pisa Pasta

Episode 204 – Summer Pasta Pesto Salad

Episode 203 – Livorno

Out Of The Blue heads back to Italy. As the first part of a two-part Italian special, Michael Angelakis and Michael Keelan explore the beautiful Tuscan town of Livorno.

While immersing themselves in the town’s rich history and learning what it was like to grow up in Tuscany from a local, the Michaels find time to cook up a local fish stew, Cacciuccio, packed with fresh seafood.

Episode 203 – Cacciuccio

Episode 203 – Penne with Anchovies, Fennel and Pinenuts

Episode 202 – Murray River

Back on the water, the Michaels are out exploring the mighty Murray River. Cruising along on the Murray Princess Paddle Steamer in Mannum, Michael Angelakis and Michael Keelan cook up a delicious Seafood Chowder for the crew and fellow passengers.

On the way home, the Michaels stop through the beautiful Adelaide Hills and enjoy the autumn colours of the Mt Lofty Botanic Garden.

Episode 202 – Seafood Chowder

Episode 202 – Lamb Ragu with Rigatoni Pasta

Episode 201 – Seppeltsfield

Out Of The Blue is back in 2018, and the two Michaels are spending time at a historic South Australian icon – Seppeltsfield.

Michael Keelan and Michael Angelakis cook swordfish, sample delicious local produce, try on hats, taste wine and scoot around the winery on Segways.

Episode 201 – Rigatoni with Swordfish Ragu

Episode 200 – San Remo

Travelling south, the two Michaels have arrived in the beautiful San Remo to celebrate their 200th episode!

In Italy’s City of Flowers, Michael Keelan and Michael Angelakis visit an artist colony that grew out of the ruins of an earthquake, cook with spectacularly fresh seafood from the region and finally take some time out to go clowning around Villa Grock.

Episode 200 – San Remo Spaghetti Marinara

Episode 200 – Pasta Alla Villa Grock

Episode 199 – Alassio, Porto Maurizio and Imperia

The two Michaels are continuing their journey along the Italian Riviera.

Michael Keelan visits Villa della Pergola, with its magnificent citrus garden and enjoys a decadent spaghetti dish. Meanwhile, Michael Angelakis explores a seaside fish market in Imperia and with the freshest produce cooks a delicious dish using local Yellowfin Kingfish.

Episode 199 – Yellowfin Kingfish with Lemon, Olive and Tomato

Episode 199 – San Remo Spaghetti with Anchovy Oil

Episode 198 – Santa Margherita Ligure

In the first of three episodes on the Italian Riviera, the Two Michaels are exploring the sights, tastes and beauty of Santa Margherita Ligure.

Travelling along the Ligurian coast, join Michael Keelan on a tour of the beautiful Villa Durazzo and its garden of ancient cycads, whilst Michael Angelakis enjoys the local produce, whipping up delicious Linguine with Porcini Mushrooms.

Episode 198 – Linguine with Porcini Mushrooms

Episode 198 – Ligurian Prawns

Episode 197 – End Game

In the third of our 3 part South Australian specials, the Two Michaels are doing what they do best – cooking and fishing!

Whilst they’re out exploring SA’s waters, the boys catch some fish for the best Fish and Chips you’ll ever have! Michael Angelakis cooks up a delicious and easy One Pot Seafood Fusilli, whilst Michael Keelan gives you tips for the best chips you’ll ever have.

Episode 197 – Fish and Chips

Episode 197 – One Pot Seafood Fusilli

Episode 196 – On the Water

The boys are out on the open ocean, and checking out South Australia’s Onkaparinga region.

Michael Angelakis shows us how to de-vein prawns, whilst Michael Keelan meets up with local fishing expert Keith Goody for some tips.

As always, the boys cook up some delicious dishes, too!

Episode 196 – Fish Sliders

Episode 196 – Prawn, Garlic Butter, and Bacon Linguine

Episode 196 – De-veining Prawns

Episode 195 – Heading Out

The two Michaels are back for a new season, and they’re heading out on South Australian waters in this three-part 2017 special.

This week, the boys cook up some delicious recipes, including Spaghetti con Vongole and Whiting with Kale.

Michael Angelakis shows us how to properly fillet a fish, and Michael Keelan speaks with Gavin from SARDI about everything to do with South Australia’s marine life.

Episode 195 – Whiting with Kale

Episode 195 – Spaghetti con Vongole

Episode 195 – Filleting Fish with Michael Angelakis

Episode 194 – SA is Great

The two Michaels think SA is pretty great. That’s why they wanted to devote an entire episode to showcase SA’s best of the best.

Michael Keelan chats with Simone and Brooke Annan, who have a great South Australian story and cook a delicious recipe of Crispy Whiting with Zesty Summer Salad at Henley Square.

Meanwhile, Michael Angelakis goes fishing off North Haven beach, and meets up with his mate to cook a delicious recipe of Chili Crab Linguine.

Episode 193 – Marciana Pianosa, Italy

It’s our last episode in Elba, Italy, and the two Michaels are relaxing, sight-seeing, and enjoying their time in Marciana Pianosa.

Michael Keelan meets Cesarina, a woman who is 105 years old and credits her long life to a Mediterranean diet! He then heads to the famous Pianosa Prison, whilst Michael Angelakis speaks with local guide Catarina, who gives him the low-down on what to see in Marciana.

The boys cook up two delicious recipes to round out their time on Elba: Fusilli with Anchovies, Lemon, and Thyme, and Grilled Swordfish with Anchovies, Capers, and Basil.

Episode 192 – Porto Azzurro, Italy

The two Michaels are still enjoying the sun in Elba, Italy! This time, they’re heading to Porto Azzurro, which is home to the beautiful Calanova Beach.

Michael Keelan meets with local gelateria owner Silvia to learn about the delicious Italian staple, whilst Michael Angelakis learns about Palamita, a local seafood delicacy.

After exploring Porto Azzurro, the boys cook up recipes of Salt and Pepper Squid and Spicy Tuna Spaghetti.

Episode 191 – Portoferraio, Italy

The two Michaels are heading back to Italy! This time, they’re on the island of Elba, just off the Western coast of Tuscany, in the island’s capital Portoferraio.

Michael Keelan chats to Emilia, a guide who speaks about the history of Portoferraio, while Michael Angelakis heads out into the local waters to see what he can catch! Afterwards, Michael K meets a man with an interesting talent: his voice can still bees!

The boys cook up some delicious local recipes of Octopus and Potato Salad and Bianco Marinara with Fennel Linguine.

Episode 190 – Fremantle, WA

Michael Keelan is still in Western Australia, and this time he’s heading to Fremantle!

He chats to Peter Vinci of “Fremantle As It Was, As We Were”, and hears about the history of the area. He visits the Fremantle Markets, and visits WA’s Houghton Winery, where he cooks up a delicious dish of Lobster Medallions with Lemon Butter Wine Sauce.

Michael also heads to Ricciardi Seafoods to learn about scallop harvesting, and enlists the help of Keith Goody to cook up a dish of Scallops with Noodles and Oyster Sauce.

Episode 189 – Brookland Valley, WA

Michael Keelan heads over to Western Australia in our two-part special!

He visits the Margaret River Chocolate Company, samples some delicious treats, and explores the process of making delicious chocolates!

He speaks to Brad Adams from Ocean Grown Abalone, who shows Michael some delicious ways of preparing the abalone – including a delicious dish of Abalone with Chili and Garlic.

Michael also learns about the history of Margaret River with local historian Bernice, and visits Brookland Valley Winery. He speaks to head viticulturist Steve and winemaker Courtney, and cooks a delicious recipe of Fettuccini with Creamy Seafood Sauce.

Special Thanks

Margaret River Historical Society
Ocean Grown Abalone
Margaret River Chocolate Company
Brookland Valley Winery

Episode 188 – Tasmania, Part Two

The Two Michaels continue their Tasmanian adventure, and are still in the Tamar Valley. Michael Angelakis visits Petuna Fish Farm, and picks up some fish for a delicious dish of Poached Salmon.

Meanwhile, Michael Keelan visits the House of Arras winery, and chats to winemaker Ed Carr.  He also visits Miller’s Orchard to pick up some delicious produce for Michael A’s delicious recipe of Prosciutto Wrapped Ocean Trout!

Michael K travels down to Hobart to visit Lark Distillery, where he learns about how whiskey is made.

Special Thanks

House of Arras Winery
Ed Carr
Petuna Farms
Miller’s Orchard
Lark Distillery

Episode 187 – Tasmania, Part One

The two Michaels are off to Tassie! This episode is based in the northern part of Tasmania, which has an interesting history, some beautiful countryside and fish that we’ve never seen before. Michael Keelan explores the Tamar River, just north of Launceston, and checks out the Low Head Lighthouse.

Meanwhile, the two Michaels try fishing on the Tamar, but decide to visit George Town Seafoods to pick up some delicious scallops for a recipe of Coquilles St Jacques.

The boys also visit Bay of Fires winery and create another delicious recipe of Grilled Alfonsino.

Special Thanks

Bay of Fires Winery
Penny Jones
William Doggett
George Town Seafoods
Lee-Ann Patterson
Meander Dairy
Andrew Michieletto
Karen at Taste of Tam O’Shanter

Episode 186 – Riverland

Banrock Station in South Australia’s Riverland is more than a winery on the river.  It features a world-renowned wetlands, which Michael Keelan explores with the local rangers Tim and Christophe.

Meanwhile, Michael Angelakis is in search of the famous Murray Cod with local fish farmer Brenton Parker. The boys cook up a delicious Asian Inspired Murray Cod, and a delicious Seafood Asian Broth.

Special Thanks

Banrock Wine and Wetland Centre
Erica Babbage
Christophe Tourenq and Tim Field
Paul Burnett
Brenton Parker
PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture – Alice Fistr
House of Organics

Episode 185 – Clare

The Clare Valley is one of Australia’s premium wine regions, and Michael Keelan is in amongst the grape vines at pruning time, while Michael Angelakis is fly fishing in a nearby river.

The boys visit Leasingham Winery, where they speak to local winemaker and cook Jimmy Arnold, who cooks up a delicious Lamb Stew.

Meanwhile, Michael K visits local gardener Doug Sluggett, and grabs some ingredients to put together with Mr Angelakis’ fish to create a delicious recipe of Parmesan Crusted Flathead.

Special Thanks

Clare Valley Wine, Food and Tourism Centre
Doug Sluggett
Keith Goody
James Arnold
Leasingham Winery

Episode 184 – Barossa Valley

The two Michaels take a trip to one of their favourite regions in SA – the Barossa Valley!

Michael Keelan catches up with their long-time friend, Cherie Hausler! Together they cook a delicious and healthy pasta recipe, and she shows him her incredible vegetable garden.

He then meets the other Micky, Michael Angelakis, who uses the local produce that Mr. K has foraged to cook a delicious recipe of Curried Fish with Dried Fruit!
The boys also try some delicious Grant Burge wines.

Special Thanks

Grant Burge Wines
Cherie Hausler
House of Organics
Gully Gardens, Angaston

Episode 183 – McLaren Vale

This week, the Two Michaels visit the Sea and Vines Festival in McLaren Vale!

Michael Keelan stops by Hardy’s Tintara Winery, and speaks to Bill and Alix Hardy about anything and everything to do with making delicious wines. Meanwhile, Michael Angelakis meets Spencer Gulf fishermen Dennis Holder and Luke Tugwell, and spends a day on crabbing boat The Silver Spectre, exploring how these delicious crabs start in the sea and end up on your plate.

The boys also cook up delicious recipes of Crab Cakes and Crab Linguine, all using local produce. The boys match these with some delicious Hardy’s Tintara wines, with the help of Bill and Alix, of course!

Special Thanks

Hardy’s Tintara Winery
Bill Hardy
Alix Hardy
Dennis Holder
Luke Tugwell

Episode 182 – Whyalla

The two Michaels are back! They’re heading to South Australia’s Spencer Gulf, which is a great place for marine life.

In this episode the boys explore a species to eat – the famous Spencer Gulf prawns – and a fascinating creature that attracts people from around the world – the giant Australian cuttlefish.  Visiting Whyalla, the boys cook up some Glazed Prawns. Michael Angelakis cooks with local chef Peter Tudorovic, creating a delicious Prawn Risotto, whilst Michael Keelan demonstrates the best way to peel tomatoes.

Want to cook the way the Two Michaels do? Check out their delicious recipes for Glazed Prawns and Peter’s Prawn Risotto!

Special Thanks

Peter Tudorovic
Dr Mike Steer, PIRSA
Tony Bramley, Whyalla Diving Services
Nico and family of Beach Cafe, Whyalla
David Bryan